Custom puzzles are made with pictures which you, the customer, send us. (We suggest UPS rather than the post office; but the choice is yours.) If you send UPS the physical address would be:

Mahalaksmi Dasi, c/o Dwight Jones
50891 Hogback Drive
Badger, Ca. 93603

(This is the address of a close friend, about 1/2 mile away.....our driveway is so steep and long that the UPS truck won't come here).

Minimum charge on a custom order puzzle would be \$10.00. If you are ordering 100 pieces or more, it would go up, probably \$14.00, but please e-mail me and we will discuss all these points before any commitments are made.

Games can also be custom made, if you have 10 or 12 small pictures which you would like made into a memory game. Simply send two of each, you can also specify what size you would like the little squares of wood to be. Again, please correspond with me ahead of time on the price.

Please allow 3-4 weeks on final delivery for custom made orders. (Often times the order is done within a week, but just to make sure, better to call early).

Thank You,
Mahalaksmi Dasi

Questions? Drop me a line.
Mahalaksmi Dasi